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Ein süßliches Ale mit Waldhonig Aroma. Supper leicht und Lecker. Eine Modifikation des Orginalrezeptes.

Stammwürze:12 °P
Bitterkeit:>25 IBU
Farbe>14 EBC
Menge30 Liter

Angelent an:



Wikipedia zu dem Bier:

White House Honey Ale is the first beer known to have been brewed in the White House.

The process began in January 2011 at the request of President Barack Obama who purchased the homebrewing kit using his personal funds. As of 2012, three styles have been brewed in addition to Honey Ale: White House Honey Blonde Ale, White House Honey Porter and White House Honey Brown.


The chefs at the White House are said to use „traditional methods“ to brew the beer, before it is bottled and labelled with a customized logo.

It includes a pound of honey collected from beehives on the South Lawn. The logo features a line drawing of the White House on a maroon background encircled in yellow.

The beer has been brewed for various events held at the White House. A Super Bowl party, attended by nearly 200 guests including acquainted celebrities and members of the U.S. Congress, was one of the first events where the ale was served. Nearly 10 US gallons (38 L) were produced for the party, with around 90 to 100 bottles available.

Some bottles were also brewed for St. Patrick’s Day.

Barack Obama and Dakota Meyer drinking White House Honey Ale on September 15, 2011.

On September 15, 2011, former United States Marine Corps Sergeant Dakota Meyer was the recipient of the Medal of Honor at the White House. Earlier, when informed of his award over the phone, he requested to share a beer with President Obama. The president accepted the offer and they each drank a bottle of the ale on the patio outside the Oval Office.

Former president Thomas Jefferson, who lived in the White House between 1801 and 1809, is known to have brewed beer himself, particularly after his retirement. He has been called „America’s first microbrewer“, but there is no evidence that it happened within the White House.


Official recipe as described.

On August 21, 2012, at least two Freedom of Information Act requests were sent to the White House seeking the recipe of the White House Honey Ale from California attorney Scott Talkov and Texas attorney Brodie Burks, both home brewers. On August 29, 2012 during a brief Q&A session on Reddit, President Obama announced he would release the recipe, stating „It will be out soon! I can tell from first hand experience, it is tasty.“

The recipe was released on September 1, 2012 on The White House Blog.[16] As work of the US administration the recipe fell into public domain and became a kind of Free Beer.


Ausschlagvolumen Kochzeit Bittere (IBU) Farbe (SRM) Erwartete Stammwürze (Vorderwürze) Erwartete Stammwürze Alkohol
30 L 65 Minuten
Tatsächliche Daten 0 0

Details Bier-Stil

Name Kategorie Stammwürze (Vorderwürze) Stammwürze Bittere (IBU) Farbe (SRM) Kohlensäure Alkohol
Unknown 0 1.048 - 1.048 0.839 - 0.839 25 - 25 7 - 7 5 - 5 0 - 0 %


Name Anzahl %
Pilsener Malz 3.75 kg 72.46
Melanoidinmalz 400 g 7.73
Karamellmalz Amber 310 g 5.99
Waldhonig 715 g 13.82


Name Anzahl Uhrzeit Nutzung Formular: Alpha %
East Kent Golding 28.1 g 65 Minuten Boil Pellet 6
Fuggle 29.2 g 5 Minuten Boil Pellet 5


Schritt Temperatur Uhrzeit
Einmaischen 67°C 5 Minuten
Kombirast 67°C 70 Minuten
Abmaischen 67°C 1 Minuten


Schritt Uhrzeit Temperatur
Aging 0 Tagen 0°C